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Music Industry Secrets you Can't Google!

       You won't want to miss this...

The Time has Arrived!

Become the person you were born to be, not the person you were raised to be. Join us for a 3-hour plus music industry career enhancement session.


Seminars Featuring:

  • Career Changing Industry Advice

  • Navigating the DIY World

  • From Publishing to Promotion

  • From Management to Marketing

  • Interactive Q & A Sessions

       And Lots More In-Between...


     Seminar 7:00PM to 10:00PM  

        July 23, 2024 - Sold Out

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Kind Words From... Fantastic People

"Barry is a creative and one of the most knowledgeable music industry people I know. Excellent music supervisor for our film Queen MiMi."

 Peter Spirer

CEO at Rugged Entertainment

"Barry is a manager's manager; a consummate professional with a wealth of experience combined by level headed solutions. 2 thumbs up."

 Kendall A Minter, Esq.

Chairman Emeritus at
Rhythm & Blues Foundation, Inc.

"Barry has a great ear, and eye for what works in business and life. His years of experience have given him the insight to guide many people entering the entertainment field, such as myself."

Adam Rosenblatt
DJ/Producer/Engineer @ KCSN 88.5FM

"Barry taught me very much of what has made me who I am today. He is the benchmark for friendship that I live by, and anyone, in any industry, would be very lucky to do business with him."

Paul-Anthony Surdi
Founder & C.E.O. Crowd Control Music

"Barry Bergman is one of the most hard working, diligent and thorough people that I've ever had the privilege of working with. He leaves no stone unturned and has been a very important advocate for musicians, song writers and music publishers for many years. I owe much of the success that I've had in the music business and life in general to him and his many years of accumulated wisdom and insights."
Marc Ribler
Musical Director at Little Steven

"I have known Barry Bergman for many years and have been impressed with his contribution to the music industry, i.e. his ability to manage, direct, and teach artists, musicians, and songwriters about the music business is exemplary. Barry exercises his keen knowledge of the music industry with the highest moral and ethical levels and is a trusted friend of many senior managers in the music industry."

 Pat Collins
Former President and CEO at Sesac


"Barry was my manager & business partner for over 15 years. He is second-to-none in so many areas there isn't room to write it all. Someone who gives a crap, someone who gets you your money, someone who does not tire in the face of adversity. You want him on YOUR side, not the other side. I love Barry and cherish our years together."

Bob Halligan Jr
Owner at Ceili Rain

"Barry has been hugely successful.... I worked with him way back when we were both young and inventing what we thought was the modern music industry.... Barry was and still is, creative, focused, hard working, charming and super smart... A great executive!"
Gilbey OAM

"Barry is the most loyal, committed team member, cheerleader, wise council and defender you could hope to find."

Kevin Leflar
Co-Founder, President & CEO at officialCOMMUNITY

"Barry is a professional, intelligent, hard working, organized and honest individual. He is the head of the Music Managers Forum, and as a board member I must say that he is a true leader."

Yaya Rey
Founder & CEO, YA IndieGround House Mgmt

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Barry for over 20 years and found him to be as honorable and diligent as he is knowledgeable and tenacious. One would be hard pressed to find a better advocate with such business prowess as him and as much as I value his opinions, I find his friendship and vision equally as valuable to me."

John Luongo
CEO/President at Trecter Entertainment

Worldwide Royalty Recovery

"Barry is a great music industry leader because of his ceaseless dedication to protecting the rights of creators. The industry needs more like him!"

Charles J. Sanders
Owner, Charles J. Sanders, Attorney At Law, PC, and Counsel, Songwriters Guild of America, Inc. and StarClub, Inc.

"Barry has been invaluable to Official Community, bringing expertise and powerful relationships to the company that have meaningfully affected the company's future."

Bill Siddons
Director at officialCOMMUNITY

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